Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Quite sick.

Well, I am getting a very well rounded experience here! Went to the doctor's office this morning and am now on medicine to get me over bronchitis and up to strength again. It's so nice to know I really have been sick these past few days. I still don't have the energy to think or say much at all. But that is what has really been going on. It certainly explains a lot! As for the doctors office here, I would move here just for the fabulous care. When I'm able to write more (fingers shaking badly right now from meds), I will. Sadly, probably won't really make it shopping today; couch bound.


  1. And we both know how much fun bronchitis is! Just don't go passing out in the bathroom.

  2. What did I tell you about bronchitis/pneumonia?!

  3. Indeed we do! Happily, I managed not to!

    Um, Mat--did you come back with one or the other?